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Mario 2 Player

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Mario 2 Player
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Mario 2 Player Overview


Mario and Luigi are here for another adventure together. Much like their previous adventures, the duo is engaged on a journey to collect coins. However, this time, their adventures are augmented by fruits that grant unique abilities. Collect the different fruit strategically to get around each level.

Play As Luigi Too!

Unlike other games where Mario is the sole player, Luigi is playable. If you’re playing with a second player, you can work together to collect coins quickly while dispatching enemies. If you’re really skilled, you can play both Mario and Luigi on the same keyboard.

Eating Fruits

The main mechanic of Mario 2 Player is the fruits. The fruits all grant Mario and Luigi different abilities. When you start the first couple of levels, the fruits are explained to you, but if you forget what each fruit does as you progress through the levels, you can always refer back here:

Watermelon: Consume a watermelon when climbing is needed

Plum: Consume a plum to cross the river

Peach: Consuming a peach allows Mario and Luigi to move a box

Pineapple: Consuming a pineapple destroys a box

Cherry: Consuming a cherry allows the duo to cross flames

Tips For Mario 2 Player game

●    Players can move both characters using the directional keys for Mario and the WASD keys for Luigi.
●    Use the fruits wisely. When you use fruit, you are granted that ability. However, when you use another fruit, you lose the original fruit’s power. Make sure that you look at the levels ahead of time so you can prioritize which fruits you want to take first.
●    Be careful when engaging in combat. There are enemies in Mario 2 Players. However, you’ll notice the enemies have colors. To kill the enemies, you will need to have the power of the fruit corresponding to the color of the enemy.

How to play?

Use your arrows and W, A, S, D to help Mario and Luigi in this wonderful 2 player game.

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