Paper Flight 2

Paper Flight 2

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Paper Flight 2
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Paper Flight 2 Overview

In Paper Flight 2, you need to throw your paper plane and try to throw it as far as possible. You need to pick up your paper plane and throw it. There is a limited amount of fuel you can use to make your plane fly further. Your job is to reach the city by sending the paper plane enough distance.

Once your plane lands you will be shown an upgrade screen. Here you can change the color of your paper plane to green, white, yellow, blue, purple, and orange. You can also purchase upgrades for your paper plane, these upgrades are:
  • Better Model: Adds more fuel and also changes the appearance of your plane.
  • Weightless: Your plane falls down slower.
  • Aeroboost: Plane retains velocity for a longer time.
  • Strong Hand: Increases your throwing power.
  • Rocket Science: You may hold space to boost your engine. Will consume more fuel.
  • Magic Crane: Increases the bonus the crane gives you.
  • Biofuel: Increases the efficiency of your engine making it use less fuel.
  • Gust: Windmills appear more often and will also give you a higher boost.
There are several items that can help you but there are also obstacles in the air. For example, the paper planes in the air will give you a boost, the windmills on the ground will also give you a boost helping you advance further.

The obstacles you may encounter a lot are the regular mini airplanes. If you hit it, you will get slowed down. There are also stars in the sky, they act as money and you can collect them to buy upgrades.

Are you ready to reach the city? Play to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to throw the plane and to use fuel.

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