Paper Flight

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What is Paper Flight?

Paper Flight

Paper Flight online is a skill and flying game online meant to take you back to the simpler days of childhood, where all you needed was some paper to make an airplane out of, and then send it flying through the classroom or your house, maybe with a target in sight, or just for the joy of it.

Well, all that and much, much more is now brought over into the realm of online gaming, and we're absolutely positive you will really love what this awesome game has to offer you all!

Have fun on your new Paper Flight online!

Hold the mouse to fly up, release it if you want to descend, and use this alteration of movements to avoid the space rocks and various other obstacles you encounter through the courses because hitting into them means losing the level then and there, but instead you should fly into the rings to get points in return, as many as possible by the end of each run.

With the rings you've collected you can buy new kinds of planes from the shop, and if you try out the endless mode, there you can fly for as long as you don't die, and collect even more of them. Aim for big distances, big scores, and, most importantly, tons of fun, something we are happy to say we offer you with each of our new daily additions to the website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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