Piston Peak Pursuit

Piston Peak Pursuit

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Piston Peak Pursuit
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Piston Peak Pursuit Overview


In Piston Peak Pursuit, you become a fire emergency plane! Ride and fly with a rescue airplane online, in the best spin-off series from Disney Cars Games: Planes! Dusty or Dipper, whichever one you choose, will become the new member of the team. That's with your help if you can put out the wildfires! Let's show you how, so you succeed in your mission!

Start the Piston Peak Pursuit online!

With the Up arrow, you fly up. If you want to ascend, release it and you will slowly go down. What do you use the down arrow key, then? Well, press it when you want to change direction. You are flying around the globe that is moving, over the forest fires. Go in both directions, not to miss any of them! To drop water on them, press and hold the spacebar!

Hydrate the plane, save the forest!

You will need water reserves to put out the fire. They're not endless, so recharge. To do so, drive low down the lake to collect the water. Drop it on the fires next, and then get more water, and repeat. Do not let the fire bar fill up completely, or the fire is too large, and you will have failed your mission. For bonus points, collect the gold coins in the air, as many of them as you can.

Do this through five levels of increasing difficulty, so you become a top fire rescue airplane online!

How to play?

Use the Up, Down arrows and the Spacebar.

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