Hungry Shark Arena

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What is Hungry Shark Arena?

Hungry Shark Arena
Hungry Shark Arena is a cool new shark game on our website. The goal is to eat smaller fish and other players to get stronger and bigger. You need to be the last survivor to win the game. 20 sharks fall out of the sky and into the water, this is where the action begins.

While falling, you can also eat seagulls in the air. Once in the water, your goal is to become large and to be the last survivor. To grow your shark, you need to feed it fish and other players. The shark has the ability to dash in the water or even out of the water to catch seagulls.

There are multiple levels that you can achieve by eating. You start with XS and gradually increase your size even up until XXL when the shark gets incredibly large. Once you finish a match you will get coins as a reward. You can use the coins to buy other shark skins. There are many shark skins to choose from, each one having its unique abilities. There are many types of sharks, they differ in speed, dash range, and dash rate.

Time to be the shark king!

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How to play?

Use the mouse to move around and dash.