Hungry Lamu

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What is Hungry Lamu?

Hungry Lamu

Hungry Lamu is one of those horror games online on our website that are also somewhat funny, thanks to the really wacky characters featured in them, just like is the case right now with Lamu, a lama that gets really crazy and terrifying when it is hungry, so why not help it get the fruits to fill its stomach and survive the night!

Survive the horrors of the Hungry Lamu online!

Things start off quite chill, as you help Lamu eat three cherries growing in the bushes, using the WASD keys to move, and E to eat them, which you also use for interacting.

Then, the banana appears, and it does not want to help Lamu, as it is a sentient one, which sort of acts like a dog. Well, guess what, we are still going to eat it!

Go and search for something hard, grab it, knock out the banana, and eat it. We know it sounds creepy and frightening, but Lamu's hunger is that terrifying, so satisfy it no matter where this horrific story with crazy animals takes you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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