Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede

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Rodeo Stampede
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Rodeo Stampede Overview

You are a zoo manager and you need to grow your zoo business! You start out small, only having a few animals like the buffalos and the zebras. To get new animal species for your zoo, you need to go into the stampede. The stampede is a huge horde of animals running forward. You need to ride them using your lasso and to find new animals to tame. Once you start the stampede you will also get challenges to do that give you money if you manage to complete them. There are many challenges in the game including staying on an animal for extra seconds, taming an animal, and more!

You have to be careful with the animals though, if you don't get off of them soon enough, they'll become mad, make it hard for you to control them, and will try to make you fall off. Once you find a new animal species you can tame it by riding on it for long enough. Once you've tamed them you can use them in your zoo! Each animal has subspecies too, the rarer kinds you have the better!

At first, you won't have much space for animals, but you can explore new areas on the map to upgrade them. It costs a significant amount of money but you need to do it to advance further in the game. The animal habitats can be upgraded and this gives the respective animal more powers in the stampede. These powers include longer riding times, powers such as initial immunity to obstacles, the ability to smash other obstacles, and much more!

Each animal is different and will react differently when ridden too much, the zebra and buffalo will jump vigorously while the elephant and giraffe will throw you off instantly, the ostrich will get so fast you won't be able to avoid hitting obstacles. Hitting an obstacle will throw you off instantly, ending the stampede. Some animals can smash some of these obstacles like the elephants can smash trees and other animals that are in the way too.

Upgrading your zoo and the habitats will make you earn more money when you open the business to your customers. You can only open your business once and you must wait some time before opening again. 

Time to ride in the stampede!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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