Rodeo Riders

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What is Rodeo Riders?

Rodeo Riders
Rodeo Riders is a new interactive game for children, where they can develop a small zoo to attract visitors. Sounds good, doesn't it? However, first, you will have to tame a few animals to be friendly with the public and not to create discomfort to visitors.

The first time you have to tame the animals so that you earn coins for you to create a pleasant environment for the animals. In this way, you will bring a lot of visitors. The game is structured on different levels in which you have the mission to upgrade the spaces you already have and to buy as many animals as possible to open your small zoo.

Together with the upgrade you want to do, you will learn new skills worthy of a real rodeo. The game will always offer you extremely interesting missions. After playing the part of the game, you can open your small zoo to the public so that you can receive visitors to collect coins again, which you will need to bring new animals to your garden and make other upgrades.

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How to play?

use the mouse