Super Wario Riders

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What is Super Wario Riders?

Super Wario Riders
The new Mario adventure game is a little different from the classic Mario games in which you have to start your adventure at a pace you could control because this time you will have to keep up with the speed of the game and try to collect as much as possible. many bonuses and content throughout the game.

In the game, you will be able to choose with which character you want to start your adventure: Luigi, Toadette, or Toad. Throughout the game you will have to jump over the obstacles you have in your way, collect yellow stars to have the best score, and also avoid the spikes that are everywhere or even carnivorous flowers that spit on flames. . If you come across a metal cube you will have to know that those cubes hold you in place, and in this way, the image will leave you behind and the game will end in a short time, but if you manage to accumulate purple stars, you will be able to increase this disadvantage and bring Mario back to the forefront.

The three characters you find in the game, Luigi, Toadette, or Toad, can only be unlocked if you manage to accumulate a score high enough to buy them. For Luigi you will have to pay 500 points, for Toad you will have to pay 2000 points, and for Toadette you will have to pay 5000 points. Be attentive and vigilant to all the dangers that are everywhere and try to save Princess Peach from the clutches of the dinosaur that keeps her captive in the dungeon.

How to play?

Mouse or Touch For Play

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