Draw Climber

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What is Draw Climber?

Draw Climber
We had many racing games on our website, but this one is unique because of the fact that you must draw to win the race! In Draw Climber, the newest drawing racing game, you must draw a shape for the legs of your block. The block rotates this leg thus allowing it to move forward. You can draw any shape you want, 90-degree shapes, circles, etc. The point of the game is to defeat your AI opponent by drawing a more efficient shape.

This game has many levels, each level includes a new challenge that you must overcome by drawing a different shape on each level. Some shapes can climb some obstacles better while other shapes cannot. You have to be clever about what shape you are going to draw so that you can pass these obstacles. There are many obstacles in the game such as walls that you must climb with the correct shape, wavy roads, pitfalls, and even yellow boxes that you can break!

This game also features coins that you can collect for fun! Every 5 levels or so, you'll also be given a bonus stage that gives you free coins without the worry of winning the race against your opponent!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger to draw.