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Draw Rider

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Draw Rider
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Draw Rider Overview

Draw Rider is a new game on our site, being the simplest game so far. You just have to mount the wheels of the off-road vehicles.

The mechanism is extremely simple. During the race, you will face various challenges and you will have to adapt the wheels of your car.
You must initially draw the wheels needed to start from the ground so as to make sure that you can enter the race. Along the way, you will have to adapt the wheels so that you can pass over the obstacle as easily and as quickly as possible. For example, you will encounter a route on the water and you will have to adjust the wheels so that you can easily cross the water. Then you have to climb some bricks. The wheels must be as large as possible in order to successfully cross over.
So, the game is as simple as possible. Make sure you draw the wheels correctly and always be in the first place to receive various boosters and upgrades that will be very helpful. Only if you finish the race in the first place will you be a winner.

How to play?

Draw your wheels to win the race

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