Super Sushi Cat a Pult

Super Sushi Cat a Pult

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Super Sushi Cat a Pult
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Super Sushi Cat a Pult Overview

In this new game on our website, you must throw Sushi Cat from a catapult! You must reach your objective to pass on to the next level. These objectives include traveling enough distance or to collect enough sushi for Sushi Cat. Once you pass a level you will get coins as a reward.

You can use the coins for many upgrades, you can upgrade Sushi Cat's bouncing power, by default you only get one bounce per session but by upgrading it you can get up to 3 bounces that help you advance further in the stage, these bounces will regenerate by eating sushi so you can use them as long as you eat sushi. You can upgrade the catapult's throwing power and distance. You can also buy a shield to protect you from obstacles found on the map.

The obstacles you can find on the map can slow you down or bounce you backward, failing the level. The branches, water pond will slow you down while the shrine entrance can bounce you backward which fails the level. If you fall, you may buy upgrades like the ninja pigs that push Sushi Cat forward if he fell. The birds and the helicopters also bounce him higher, allowing him to reach higher distances.

Have fun playing Super Sushi Cat a Pult!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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