Duck Life Space

Duck Life Space

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Duck Life Space
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Duck Life Space Overview


Duck Life Space is yet another chapter in the life of these ducks you already know and love here very much, since they have one of the best classic series of platform-adventure games known to the world of online gaming, where this time you get the amazing chance of going into space, yes, that's right, so your adventures are about to expand even further!

Life a Duck Life in Space online!

A weird duck came out of a wormhole, and now you need to get back your racing champion title from it through races in space, but before you begin them, you can go in the training mode, know that, so you can better get accustomed to the format, and you can buy new skins, new upgrades, and bonuses from the shop.

Move with the arrow keys, use the mouse to select items, and jump using the spacebar.

Know that on the courses there will be obstacles, traps, and dangers that you avoid since being in space is not easy at all, and you should collect any useful items you can get, and save other ducks, since they are waiting for you, and overtake your racing rivals. Of course, the more coins you collect, the more you can spend, and the better racer you become!

Before you begin you can always customize your duck's avatar, changing its look, and you can pick a name you want to use. Now that you know this all, feel free and confident to start, and invite your friends to do the same!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Customize your own duck racer before you go into space!
  • Save duck friends to gain more lives and advance further!
  • Avoid dangers in space, and defeat the aliens through all the levels, using the upgrades in the shop to overtake them!

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