Millionaire: Trivia Game Show

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What is Millionaire: Trivia Game Show?

 Millionaire: Trivia Game Show

Play a Trivia Game Show online instead of just watching one on television and become a (virtual) Millionaire with one of the best new additions to our website when it comes to this fan-favorite genre since people have always liked testing out how well they know about things in history, science, geography, or even pop culture, and a game like this one is a great way to find out and make some money too!

Become a  Millionaire online by winning the Trivia Game Show!

For each question that you get there are four answers to pick from, so click on the one that you think is right, and if you are right, you get money in return, with you earning more and more money as you advance. On the top right of the screen there are four kinds of hints you can use, but only once, so when needed, take advantage of them, but don't abuse them.

You lose once you make a mistake, but worry not, as you can always start again from scratch and go another round when you will surely do better and have even more fun. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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