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What is Tot or Trivia?

Tot or Trivia

Tot or Trivia is going to be one of the top new hypercasual trivia quiz games online from our website, an experience you don't get to have here just every day, precisely why our team is delighted to share the game with you all right now after our team has had lots of fun with it, and we also learned quite a lot, just like we are quite positive will also be the case for you all!

Play Tot or Trivia online to learn and have fun!

In the This or That Game, you will be given two options, and you have to pick the one that you think is most popular, after which the stickmen interviewees will also pick their answer, and if they also answered just like you, you will get money, and advance to the next question! Try getting the prize of 10,000, the ultimate one!

For the Trivia mode, if you don't answer right, you lose, because it is all about facts, not preferences, like in the first game. The mix of these two mini-games into one has resulted in one of the best times you could be having here today, so we hope you start right away, and then check out even more of our daily content!

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Use the mouse.

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