The Higher Lower Game

The Higher Lower Game

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The Higher Lower Game
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The Higher Lower Game Overview


The Higher Lower Game is finally here, a really interesting Internet-based challenge where you try to guess if a Google search has a lower or a higher number of hits than the one before it, there are two ways you can play this game, with an extra one as beta, all of which we will tell you more right now, so you can be better prepared!

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On the left side of the screen you see a search and its number of hits, and on the right, you have another one, so guess if that one has more or less than the left side. Guess right to advance and keep earning points in the classic mode, or try 'Beat the Clock' mode, where for each question you need to answer before the time runs out on you.

Try the exclusive access to the elimination mode, where multiple real people get in the same virtual room to do the same thing, so try beating the other players in this interesting game. Those are the rules, you now know them, so give your best and have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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