Hannah Montana Rock the Beat

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What is Hannah Montana Rock the Beat?

Hannah Montana Rock the Beat

Do you have the rhythm just like Hannah Montana from Disney Channel? Are you all about music, singing, and dancing, just like Miley Cyrus is? Then you are lucky to be able to play right now the game called Hannah Montana Rock the Beat, where our favorite superstar is preparing for her world tour. All of her songs are accompanied by amazing dance routines, and she needs to practice them, something you are here to help her with!

Unlike most other dancing games for girls, in this one, you use the mouse, and to perform the dances right you need to have very good timing. Circles with numbers appear on the screen, in the right order, such as going from 1 to 2, 3, to 4, and so forth. They represent the dance moves that Hannah has to make. Click on them in the right order, but only make the click when the circle that is slowly closing in on them finally has touched the number.

Make sure not to click on the numbers too fast or too slow, or you lose rhythm and the dance is going to be ruined. For all the times you make the dance moves at the right time you get points in return, so aim for a score as big as possible. Sometimes the numbers will move through a tunnel, so click on them once more when they reach the other side.

Pick the song you want to dance to, the location where you want to perform the dance, as well as the level of difficulty you are most comfortable with, and start dancing with Hannah Montana online, having the best time, you and her both!

How to play?

use your mouse to dance with Hannah.

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