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What are Hannah Montana Games?

Take part in the adventures of Miley Cyrus in the world of celebrities playing the latest games with Hannah Montana only here on our website Friv-Games.com. In these games you will need skill, agility and more creativity. In this series is presented Miley Stewart's life interpreteta the famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus. It lives a double life, Miley during the day and at night becomes pop star Hannah Montana. Miley took this decision because he wanted to have a normal childhood like other children. Miley stay with her father and brother arguing all the time but love and help when needed. In this category of games with Hannah Montana you will encounter all sorts of games: skill, puzzle, adventure, sports and more. All have in the forefront of your favorite singer Hannah Montana. The purpose of these games is to collect as many points because if you do it well you could get among the best players. Give of your best to succeed this performance and give us a like if you enjoyed our games with Hannah Montana. If you like our Hannah Montana Games please vote the and, and also send us an comment with your favorite Hannah Montana Games from Friv-Games.com