Ba Da Bean Dance Party

Ba Da Bean Dance Party

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Ba Da Bean Dance Party
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Ba Da Bean Dance Party Overview


In our new category of Ba Da Beam Games we now invite all of you to take part in a Dance Party, an experience we are absolutely sure you will love from start to finish, just like we did, especially since we are talking about the first dancing game that this category has had, so it will be a unique experience nonetheless!

Let's have fun at the Dance Party with Ba Da Bean!

Start off with the tutorial level, where you will get down all the basics, and continue with the intermediary level, where you will already have gotten better so that you can become a super dancer at the final stage.

Watch for the moment when the arrow symbols enter the ring on your side of the meter, and when they do, at the same moment you need to press the identical arrow to hit your dance move.

If you can do it before the time runs out, which happens if you miss too many moves, and if you can fill up the bean progress bar at the top, you are going to win, simple as that.

Now that you have surely understood the gist of the game, be ready to start enjoying it right away, after which we've got even more great content in store for you, and we hope you won't miss any bit of it!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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