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What are Ba Da Bean Games?

Welcome all to Ba Da Bean Games, one of the newest categories created for our website, which stems from the Discovery Kids channel from Latin America, which has quite a few hidden gems to showcase you, on which there are already online games for you to play, hence why we are now working very hard to share them with everyone here!

Do you feel artistic yourself? Or just like art in general? Well, this show is meant for all kids, and even adults who feel like that, and from its style, colors, and the dynamic world it showcases the passion that the animators have all put into this show, just like we are sure that you will put plenty of passion and effort into playing the games with Ba Da Beam we offer you here!

Let's brush off some more details about this show, its premise, and characters, and after that, we also tell you what kind of activities you get to do together, and we're sure it will be a real blast, as per usual with all our amazing categories, this one included!

Find out why our Ba Da Bean Games online are simply the best!

Bean is named after the fact that it is a bean sprout, which has been planted into a paper cup, hence why it looks like a cup with a sprout coming out of its head. One day, it ends up in the art room, where it discovers that there are no limits to artistic creation and expression, and there are always adventures to be had there, and new characters to meet and interact with.

Cosa is his best friend in these adventures, a humanoid creature that joins the protagonist in whatever is happening on a daily. basis. There are materials, tools, and endless possibilities for adventures, and since these characters have restless minds and dispositions, the art room is simply the best place for them.

For starters, in our Ba Da Bean Games for kids category, you get to join the characters at a party and dance together, which is another form of artistic expression, or you can ride on the amusement park of arts, where you will use the cart to travel through the tracks of endless fun and arts.

All this fun awaits your visitors one click away, and we hope that for anything in the world, you don't miss out on this opportunity, after which we expect to see you check out even more of our categories, we always have the best of them, guaranteed!