A Mountain of Art

A Mountain of Art

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A Mountain of Art
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A Mountain of Art Overview


A Mountain of Art is the first proud addition of our website into the newly-created category of Ba Da Bean Games online, where kids are invited to discover new sides of the artistic world, unlike they have ever seen before, and we start off in an exciting way by adventuring on a mountain-russe in the amusement park of the art room, something we will tell you all more about right now and here!

Let's explore A Mountain of Art online!

The first mini-game is called Painting in the Winter, where you tap on the three lanes to switch from one to another with your cart, having to collect the paint buckets of the same color as your cart, avoiding the others, so that you get points and fill up the progress bar on the left.

For Drawing Between Pines, you can collect any color, in the same way, just make sure to avoid the white paint buckets, since you don't need them, and they cut down your progress. For Collage in the Forest, the final variation, you combine all the previous elements in a painting and decoration mini-game at the end of the course.

Let's begin all this amazing fun right away, since it should not be left hanging, and we hope that you tell your friends they can now find these here and now, so they also get the same amazing experience!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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