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What are FNF Test Games?

If you don’t know what Friday Night Funkin’ is, you might have been hiding underneath an internet rock, because this video game has taken over the world of PC, Mobile, and Browser gaming for the past year, and it goes without saying, but Play-Games had been a driving force in making the series even more popular, since whenever there is a new mod for it that appears online, we make sure to bring it over as fast as possible, and, even more than that, our team worked very hard to create our own FNF Games online that you can now enjoy for free on our website!

This might be true for many of the entries in this category, but it mostly applies to our FNF Test Games online, for which we are now very happy to have created their own page, which makes it easier for those who love this format particularly to find the games they want to play!

Freestyle with your favorite FNF characters!

In the usual mods that you try here, you have songs with their specific charts that you have to abide by, as you need to hit those notes properly at their right moment in order to reach the conclusion of the songs, which is when you become the winner. Well, with the FNF testing games, there are no rules, because you make your own song, as well as your own dance, because, as you know, for each of the sounds you make you have a corresponding dance move.

Just like the regular mods, these ones also focus on a different new character, although, usually, Boyfriend is nowhere to be seen, and, even better, you get to interact with multiple looks and versions of the same characters. So far, here are some examples of characters you get to test out:

  • Freddy and the FNAF gang
  • Sonic.Exe
  • Tricky
  • Flippy
  • Monika
  • Luca
  • Miku
  • Girlfriend
  • Shaggy
  • Ruv
  • Whitty
  • Garcello
  • Agoti
  • ... and more are going to follow soon, so keep an eye out!

Now, we’ve even made it easier for you to interact with multiple characters at the same time, from the same game, with one of our finest additions being that of FNF TestGround!

How to play Friday Night Funkin’ Tests online:

Click on the icons to the left to change the appearances of the characters or change between one and another, if you have more of them, and with the buttons on the right, you can usually make different cutscenes appear, which are really fun to watch, and unique to the protagonists/antagonists.

Then, simply press the arrow keys at your own pace, see what sound and move each of them to make, and then create your perfect music and dance routine with the characters that you love the most!

This page is going to be one of the best subsidiaries to the FNF category of our website, which we will make sure to update as often as possible, so never miss out on what it has to offer!