FNF Flippy Test

FNF Flippy Test

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FNF Flippy Test
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FNF Flippy Test Overview


Flippy from Happy Tree Friends really managed to rock the world of FNF Games online, with his two mods already causing lots of joy through the modders and the players, since many of the ones who created these games also watched this show, so it was a natural crossover.

Well, right now and here on our website you get a third FNF game with Flippy, but FNF Flippy Test is a bit different than the others, since there is no battle going on, and Boyfriend is nowhere to be seen!

Create your own music and dances with Flippy!

Well, first of all, know that there are four versions of Flippy you can change between, and each one looks differently:

  • Flippy Roll
  • Massacre
  • Flippin Out
  • Unflip Out

You use the four arrow keys to play this game, with each key that you press making a different sound, and for each sound, you also have a different dance move.

Arrange the notes and the moves however you want, thus creating your own song together with Flippy, having friv fun thanks to the fact that there is no chart you need to follow, only your musical instincts!

Good luck, enjoy, and make sure to stick around for other great new games with FNF still to come, as every day it happens on our website!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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