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FNF Tricky Test

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FNF Tricky Test
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FNF Tricky Test Overview


Tricky the Clown is one of the most popular characters from Friday Night Funkin', and it's the antagonist from a game called Madness: Project Nexus. Dr. Hofnarr is his real name and in the past, he was one of the best savants that worked in Project Nexus from Nevada - until an accident occurred and he became Tricky.

In FNF Tricky Test, you can test all his phases!

Yep, in this game, we included 7 Tricky Tests: 

  1. Phase 0 (fanmade): Here our character is a simple clown with blue lips and a backpack. The instrumental in this state is Calliope.
  2. Phase 0.5 (fanmade): Now the madness is starting - he is green, with orange hair. The music from this phase is The Last Party.
  3. Phase 1: Tricky is in his well-known form, Improbable Outset.
  4. Phase 2: This is where Trickt takes down his mask and we can see his teeth and no eyes! This is called Madness.
  5. Phase 3: Hellclown is a version where he is a big red demon.
  6. Phase 4: Expurgation
  7. Phase 5 (fanmade): Infection or Auditricky is the ultimate state of Tricky to be known to the public. This is just a fanmade phase, so we don't know for sure if this will appear in some FNF Mods Online.

This FNF Tricky Test is made in Construct 3, that's why this is mobile-friendly, so you can easily play it from your smartphone, tablet, and other devices that support HTML5. If you are looking for the Scratch version of the game, don't search more - here you will be able to play and test all Tricky's Phases.

Among TriKurrDurr, here you will see many other characters like: 

  • Girlfriend
  • Boyfriend
  • Hank J. Wimbleton
  • Jebus
  • MAG agent
  • The Auditor

As you may know, our FNF Test games are made by StefanN - here you will find more testing games like this game with various characters like Whitty, Ruv, Luca, and many more.

  • Tricky: Krinkels (Character and the Madness Combat series) Banbuds, Rozebud, KadeDev, Cval (Mod) - GB
  • Auditricky: aggravateexe (Reskin) - Fandome
  • Tricky 0.5: Kevin - GB

How to play?

Use your keyboard or touch-screen to play.

For special moves use 1, 2, 3, 4 or touch the buttons from the screen.

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