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FNF FNAF Test Overview


Many fans of FNF TEST games have asked us in the comments for an FNAF mode in which they can test the most important characters from the horror story Five Nights at Freddy's, which is why the developers of Play-Games.com have created this FNF the way you will have the possibility to compose melodic lines with the scary creatures from the famous FNAF game.

Who are the characters from FNF FNAF TEST?

  • Crying Child: His debut was in Five Night's at Freddy's IV, and in this game, he embodies the positive character, respectively Boyfriend. Probably his most important feature is the fact that he cries the whole mod.

  • Little Golden Freddy is one of the famous killers you can meet in the game. His first appearance was in the latest version of FNAF, being one of the most mysterious of all the characters. His color is yellow.
  •  Freddy Fazbear: the main character in the game, he is also the main antagonist in the whole story. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is managed by him, and his role in the game is to mislead you while your time in which you can identify the solutions in the game runs out.
  • Funtime Freddy: is an animatronic character created for entertainment. The first appearance was in the Sister Location version. In his left hand, he has a microphone, and in his right hand, he has a blue doll.
  • Ennard: The first appearance was in Circus Baby (Sister Location), and this is the most dangerous negative character, being presented in the game as the final level you have to go over.

On the left side, where you find the characters' heads, you can change the character you want to test, and above this button, you will find the control buttons for the instruments: forward, pause/play, backward. Another interesting aspect is the special keys (1, 2, 3, 4) that you can press to create more interaction with these characters.

credit for FNAF: fnafar.com

credit for FNF FNAF: GameBanana

How to play?

Use the arrows to test your favorite character from FNAF.

Use the special buttons: 1, 2, 3, 4;

You can play this game from your mobile/ tablet as well.

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