FNF Garcello Test

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FNF Garcello Test
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What is FNF Garcello Test?

FNF Garcello Test

A new FNF Test game is out! This time we will play with Garcello, one of the most played mod from Friday Night Funkin. Garcello is a 26 years old heavy smoker who knows how to party. This character is made by Atsuover & Rageminer.

In the official Friday Night Funkin' Smoke 'Em Out Struggle game, he has 4 states: 

  • Headache
  • Nerves
  • Release
  • Fading

FNF Test - a new way to play Friday Night Funkin

In FNF Garcello Test you can play all 4 stages animations, cutscenes, and secret animations too. To unlock them you have to press some secret keys.

  1. To unlock the Garcello Cough animation you have to press all the arrows (mobile) or arrow keyboard (desktop) in the same time
  2. To unlock the Tight animation, you need to press the following keys L O L
  3. To unlock the cutscene from the beginning of the game, you have to press P and G

How to play?

Use the keyboard and touch-screen to play.

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