Casa de Dora: New Adventures

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What is Casa de Dora: New Adventures?

Casa de Dora: New Adventures

Casa de Dora: New Adventures is a brand new game with Dora the Explorer online that we highly recommend for kids and even adults all over the world since it gives you the chance to explore her new house, which can also be a place for adventures and learning, as she makes sure to do wherever she finds herself at!

Let's have New Adventures in Casa de Dora online!

With the mouse, you will move from room to room, such as the hallway, the kitchen, the patio, the bedroom, the bathroom, and others, and you can also interact with the items around, seeing what they do, how Dora plays or works with them, and you can even interact with the many pets she has around the house, like the cat and the dog.

You can dress her up, you can make food, you can clean up a bit, and more awesome stuff, as having a house means having responsibilities and chores to do, and you can bet that Dora wants to be helpful, which you will help her out in turn, all in return for having tons of fun with your favorite Nick Jr character!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.