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What are Ninja Turtles Games?

Have you ever tried Ninja Turtles Games online? Because the world of superheroes is far bigger than those you see in Marvel and DC movies, television, or comic books since there have been other magazines that put out superhero stories during the years, and some of them are known all over the world and really popular, which would definitely be the case for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is a franchise that started as a series of comic books in 1984, becoming a worldwide phenomenon in the following years.

We can definitely see why they resonated with kids and teens as much as they do since the creators made quite an original and fascinating story. Our four main characters, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello, who are named after famous artists from the Renaissance era in Italy, are four fascinating heroes who are still learning, and whom the readers could easily relate to, as they are also teenagers.
Of course, they’re not normal teens, as they are quite huge mutated turtles who behave human-like, despite their appearance. They live in the sewers of New York City, and just like the human natives of the world’s most popular city, they love eating pizza, which is their favorite food, but they also love to play video games, train in martial arts and are curious about the world above their heads, where they usually venture only in the night.

Why? Well, because they are mutant turtles who speak, so most people would fear them, despite the fact that Leo, Raph, Mike, and Donnie are really good kids who make sure that the city is safe by defeating all sorts of bad guys, some of them also mutated creatures, but also regular criminals like thieves, mafia bosses and scheming villains, or even aliens at times. If you’re a bad guy, you should definitely fear them!
They have learned martial arts and how to fight from their sensei, which is the Japanese word for teacher, who is also a mutated animal, an elderly and wise sewer rat called Splinter, who was mutated and experimented upon by humans, so when he saw the opportunity to escape and take with him the four turtles, he did so, saving them from nasty experiments, and building a life for them, even in hiding.

Leonardo is the leader of the group since he is the best at strategy and keeping cool in any situation, whose mask is blue, and who wields two swords. He expects his brothers to do their best and follow the rules. He often buts heads with Raphael, who is the aggressive type who loves to be the first one rushing into action, but really loyal to his family. His mask is read, and he uses a weapon known as sai. Despite their antics and their usual quarrels, they will always do what’s right in the end, and co-operate for the greater good!
Michelangelo embodies everything a teenager should be, who is quite reckless, takes things easy, loves to make jokes and eat pizza, and is always up for a goofy and fun time. He might be the most childish of his brothers, but he is definitely also the kindest. You can see him with an orange mask and a pair of nunchucks. Finally, there’s Donnie, who has a blue mask and uses a bo staff, who is the brains of the group, the science whiz of the group who invents all sorts of cool tech for them to use.

Despite the fact that they try very hard to keep hidden, that does not mean they don’t have encounters with humans as well, proven by the fact that one of their biggest allies over the years has been April O’Neil, who has been a reporter, a programmer, and has many other jobs, as she seeks to prove herself in the city, and she keeps the secrets of the turtles, who always protect her like their little sister.
The franchise has become so big that there were even multiple live-action series and feature films that adapted the comic books over the years, with six films in total. Yes, you read that right, six movies! The first three live-action ones were released in the nineties, but we recently had new adaptations, one in 2014, and one in 2016, which featured Megan Fox as April O’Neil, and it had Will Arnet as her co-worker and love interest, both of them assisting the turtles in saving the city!

Nickelodeon is usually the home to the various television shows this franchise puts out, one better than the other one, with the latest one being called Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which aired from 2018 to 2020, and was more comical than the previous ones, featuring the turtles as they explored the many mysteries of New York City. Join them in that with action-adventure games such as Bumper Bros, Road Riot, City Showdown, and many more!
The first-ever show aired for nine years, but that was decades ago, having a second one from 2003 to 2009, and a third one airing from 2012 to 2017, which is simply called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, was the first one to air on Nick, and it featured more serious stories at certain times, as well as cool new 3d graphics and animation, bringing the turtles into the 21st century. Most of the TMNT Games online on this page are based on it, and we highly recommend them all!

You can play a platform-adventure game with action where you have to defeat ninjas through the city in games like Ninja Hack Attack, you will save April from creepy ghosts in the game called Shadow Heroes, or you can play missions based on each era of the animate turtles in Totally Turtles. If you want a fighting game with the Ninja Turtles, check out the Comic Book Combat game. If you don’t want something action-heavy, cook pizza with the Turtles in Pizza Like a Turtle Do, solve puzzles with them, or even color them and give them new looks.

Having fun playing games with the Ninja Turtles online is always going to be a great time on our website, so do it right now, and see for yourself that this category offers exactly what we promised!