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Nickelodeon Hall of Game Overview


Nickelodeon Hall of Games reunites all your favorite Nickelodeon shows under one roof! Even better, for each of them, you get one different min-game! Yes, all your favorites are here, and you can play the most diverse combination of games with them so far! Let's tell you about each and every one of you, so you can enjoy this game to the fullest!

Have fun in the Nickelodeon Hall of Games online!

In the main menu, you get to find all the games, and what show they belong to. Click on the one you want to play, and then follow the on-screen instructions you receive. Coming right up we will tell you more about what to do in each of them. We recommend you check this game out often, because new games are added and coming soon all the time!

Most of the games are played with a time limit of sixty seconds! Before you run out of time, try to get a big score!

Go on a Ranger Run and become the City Defender with the Power Rangers!

In City Defender, with Pink, you have to save the city from the falling meteors. Aim and shoot the arrows at them as they fall. Shoot as many as possible before you run out of time to make a big score, but don't let them hit the ground. If too many do it, you lose.

In the Ranger Run game, you run and press the up and down arrow keys to jump around through the construction site trenches and avoid the obstacles. When you meet Kudabots, your enemies, shoot them with throwing stars. Get in front of them to shoot automatically!

Stop the Mutant Attack and start the Swamp Chop with Henry Danger!

In Swamp Chop, you jump over the crocodiles with their mouths closed using the spacebar. Get far through the swamp, avoiding the open-mouthed ones. They eat you up, and you die. Instead, collect nuts for points, and the clocks for more time to play.

For the Mutants Attack game, you throw sandwiches at the mutants that pop out. Hit as many as possible to get a big score. Set the angle of the throw with space, and use the same key to set the power. The best combo of power and angles will shoot your targets perfectly!

Win the Battle for Clicky with Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn!

Pull the remote control over to your side by pulling harder on the rope. Press and hold space for as many times as possible to gain the strength you need to win.

Let's go on Jojo's Jump!

Yes, even Jojo Siwa is here. Run and jump using the arrow keys, bouncing off the hair bowties. Avoid the bats, since they cause you to lose, and collect as many hearts and clocks as you can from your run and jump adventure!

Fly through the Sky Ring with the Mysticons!

Flap the wings to fly with your gryphon to fly into the rings as you advance, while avoiding all the skyscrapers in the city, which are your obstacles.

Welcome to the Wayne, and Ride the Monster!

In this mini-game, you fall through the monster, guiding Ansi down it using the arrow keys, moving around as you fall. Collect the colored blocks and clocks. Avoid the various obstacles, robots, and traps.

Play two Games with Spongebob online!
  1. In Poke It, Pull it, watch the order in which the items appear, and then click again on them in the same order. It's a simple memory game with Patrick Star.
  2. Survive the Perfect Patty Panic, where you will use the arrow keys to move Spongebob, grabbing the patty ingredients as they fall from the sky. Make the perfect burger!
Bounce the Soccer Ball with Alvin!

Use the arrow keys to move Alvin and bounce the ball off his head. Don't let it fall to the ground. Bounce it many times for a big score. Grab the soccer shoes to run faster, the clock for extra time.

Join the Superhero Shake Up with The Thundermans!

Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Jump from one platform to another, collecting the 'T' symbols, and avoiding the spikes, or falling into the milkshake. It's tasty, but you lose the game.

Start the Donut Dash in Game Shakers!

Move with the arrows, as you collect the donuts, but avoid toilets, boots, bad teeth, or skis. Avoid hitting the margins of the screen, or eating your own tail of donuts you've just made. Yes, this is like a snake game.

Go on a Popsicle Pursuit with Bunsen!

Jump with up, slide with Down as you run. Make sure to collect popsicles and apples for a big score, but avoid the ice cream cones or the oranges. You only have two lives, be careful!

Play amazing new The Loud House Games!

First, we've got Dirty Diaper Drop. In it, use the arrows to tilt Lincoln left and right. Throw the dirty clothing in the dirty bin on the left, and throw the clean underwear into the clean bin on the right.

Secondly, there is Rock Out Loud! Use right and left to move, deflecting items like the hammers or the paint buckets on the sides. Collect as many guitar picks and skulls as you can to get a big score.

Throw the Ninja Star with the Ninja Turtles!

When you see the enemies appear on the streets of New York, tap on them to throw ninja stars at them. Take down as many as possible to get a big score in return. Take them down quickly, or they shoot back, and if you lose all your lives, you also lose the game.

Be the Locker Stocker with all your favorite Nick characters!

A locker from Nickelodeon School opens up. Watch what items are inside, like bags, calculators, or notebooks. A new locker opens up, and it's empty. From the list of items, pick the exact same items, and put them in the same spots like you saw in the previous locker.

Match the two lockers to be exactly the same, and then do it for another pair, sequence after sequence of fun!

How to play?

Use the keyboard and mouse.

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