Bunsen is a Beast Games

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What are Bunsen is a Beast Games?

This whole story is around a cool guy, teenager named Mikey who is going to be showing us everything that is to be shown over here. Behave nice and never let us go because otherwise, you would never be able to do something like that. Create everythig in your way and make Mikey do all the stuff that you want over there.

We need to know if something like that is going to be something so lovely and so great that you would never fail to do it there. Well, Mikey has some cool friend that is an alien. His name is Bunsen and he is called a beast by the way he looks. Everything goes on just well, but it has come the time when mikey has to go to school and he has to take bunsen as well because he needs to learn a lot more thingd about this cool category that is going to happen over here.

Well, he wants to learn about living things on earth and what facilities humans have. Prepare us for something so cool and majestic that no one would ever be in the condition to tell you something different. Everyone at school is doing a great job, but bunsen is not able to make it in the same way because of the stuff that he is going to be doing over and over again. Be someone that you cannot fail in, and show us what you are up to. If Bunsen is going to be greeted nicely and he learns a lot of stuff during our games, then it is for sure a thing that you cannot fail in here and that you would never get into trouble by doing so. Be ready to tell us everything that is to be said about our cool games from here on, and never let us go like that because we need to make sure that Bunsen is ready to be taught something so lovely and so cool that you would never have considered.