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What are The Thundermans Games?

The Thundermans was born the first time on 13 October 2013 Nickelodeon cartoon channel and presents a family of super heroes where there are two equally talented twins, but they are moving to town Hiddenville to live normally and not get out considering the super powers that dominate the entire family. Phoebe Thunderman is a boy of 15 years who often tries to save people in emergencies as well as games that we will give as you see, with his brother Max Thunderman which together make a very good team managed to fight all that is unconscious, bad people and villains. Thunderman Nora's younger sister Phoebe in vartsa 9 years after trying to keep brothers and sisters they have, but are less often wrong and is the head of evils, but her brothers are able to understand when she wrong unwittingly and not a bat, not a fight or in play. Along with them in The Thundermans Games will you know and Billy Thunderman, Hank Thunderman, Barb Thunderman part of the family and in the offensive Thundermans will learn just like in cartoons on nick Dr. Colosso one of the most evil and angry villains on the planet who is helped by Cherry, Darcy and Kelsey Wong. team wishes to assert that all these The Thundermans Games are offered free for children and fans interested.