Nitro Speed 2 Underground

Nitro Speed 2 Underground

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Nitro Speed 2 Underground
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Nitro Speed 2 Underground Overview


Nitro Speed 2 Underground is an open-world car simulator game online in 3D for boys we're now delighted to share with the players from our website since it has managed to remind us of classic car racing games 3D such as Need for Speed Underground, a really big influence on this game, which can already be seen from the title of the game, no?

Race your way to the top in Nitro Speed 2 Underground online!

If players just want to explode and take cars out for a drive into the city to see how they can handle them without having any challenges pressed upon them, then the game allows you to do that in the Free Drive mode, which you can look at as a tutorial-like mode, where you get to learn how to drive better.

Use the WASD or the ARROW keys for driving, and when you want to use the NOS to go even faster than the normal capabilities of your car, you press and hold the shift bar. Special touch controls are given for mobile users who play this on phones or tablets.

The main menu doubles down as the garage, from where you can use the money you've earned from underground racing to buy new cars, which have improvements in their speed, handling, and acceleration the more expensive they are, and you will notice those changes as soon as you're on the roads.

If you are going into the Traffic Mode, other cars will appear on the roads of the city, and along the roads, you will find challenges and missions to perform for money, like getting through checkpoints at the required speed, you should definitely handle the car in making drifts at the curves, since they are also cash-grabbers, and, of course, racing.

In the racing modes, you go up against a given number of cars to be the first one that crosses the finish line. If you see you're not winning as much as you used to, it means the difficulty of the races has increased, so make sure to buy those new cars.

Customizations to the color, or even the camber or the wheels of the cars can be made in the garage as well, where you can buy upgrades for the cars in their engine, tires, suspension, and suspension.

Start having fun by doing underground racing with cars online right now, all for free, and tell all your friends to come over and do the same!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Drive free by yourselves or race other cars in traffic, illegally!
  • Customize and upgrade cars to make them eat the competition in underground racing!
  • Unlock high-speed supercars with money from winning your races!

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