Street Racer Underground

Street Racer Underground

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Street Racer Underground
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Street Racer Underground Overview

Street Racer Underground is an online game that probably comes the closest to the experience we used to have when playing Need For Speed: Underground Games, which is where the title of the game is also inspired from, and for an online game experience you get to have from your browser or mobile phone, the experience is quite close to the original one, that's what we found out!

Become the best underground street racer!

This would be your main goal in the game, and to achieve this status you will have to either play in the endless mode and try to get lots of money in return by going as far as possible on the tracks, or you can go in the racing mode and take part in races against other streetcars and win them all!

You will use the mouse to tap on the arrows and steer to the left and right, and each time you overtake a civilian car from traffic, you get nitro boosts, and when you have enough nitro, you can activate by tapping the nitrous button, of course. Make sure not to get caught by the cops, and always strive to be the first one crossing the finish line.

Get accustomed to your garage

Winning races and completing tracks earns you money, and you can use them when you go to the garage to buy new cars if you have enough cash, or you can upgrade them, making their engines better, adding nitrous, or even changing their design, since you want to be both cool and fast.

The world of underground racing is just one click away, so we hope that you will jump into it right now, and have fun with this game like only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the arrows, mouse.

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