Amazing Airplane Racer

Amazing Airplane Racer

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Amazing Airplane Racer
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Amazing Airplane Racer Overview


If you want to be an Amazing Airplane Racer, you can be one right now with a game that allows you to be precisely that, in what has been one of the best games we've added to this flying games category from our website right now, and in case you're willing to try it out, which it must be the case, since you're here, we will teach you what to do right away, worry not!

Become an Amazing Airplane Racer online!

The Solo Mode is the first one you're invited to try out, where you can play in three alternative ways:

  1. The Championship, where you need to win multiple races one after another to get to the cup finals and become the top dog of the air.
  2. Arcade, where you do one-off races against AI-controlled airplanes on a course of your choosing.
  3. The Time Trial mode, is all about you going up against yourselves, or, time, rather, as you need to finish flights before the time granted for it runs out.

The Versus Mode also has the first two types of racing as the solo one, but this time you race against another plane controlled by real players, using the same device.

Among the tracks featured in this game we wish to mention:

  • The Dark Cave
  • The Abandoned Factory
  • Desert by Night
  • Blazin Sun
  • Unknown Sector
  • The Ruins of the Temple

The game also features three types of airplanes, military ones, that you can fly: Wind Hunter, Flying Circus, Blue Parrot.

One player uses the WASD keys to fly their jet, while the other player is going to use the ARROW keys.

In most races, you go up against a total of seven other jets, and you need to be the first one to reach the finish line, to get ahead of the others, try picking up boosts and power-ups in the shape of colored blocks from the sky, having upgrades like machine guns, more speed, invincibility and more!

The very best we wish you, as you deserve to have, and hopefully you earn enough coins to unlock all the airplanes in the garage and take them all out in the sky!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Race airplanes solo vs the computer or in 2 players.
  • Earn coins to unlock all the fighter jets online.
  • Test your airplanes through multiple courses in the air!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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