Hover Racer Drive

Hover Racer Drive

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Hover Racer Drive
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Hover Racer Drive Overview


Hover Racer Drive is going to be a really cool flying game online with skill elements, and what makes this game even better is that it is a sci-fi game set in the future, where you get to drive a hovering vehicle that can fly, and you get to do it through some really interesting maps that will challenge you to the fullest!

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The hovering vehicle moves forward by itself, and you need to use the right and left arrow keys, or A and D, alternatively, to move it in those directions so that you avoid the blocks on the map, which are really high, because if you hit into them, your drive stops there, and you have to start again.

Each time that you are playing, you are trying to make a bigger distance than the previous time, that should be your goal. The further you reach, the more points you get, and get some extra ones by flying through the portal circles that sometimes appear. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use A/D or Left/Right.

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