Yummy Run

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What is Yummy Run?

Yummy Run
Yummy Run is a new game from the Grizzy and Lemmings category, in which you will have to actively participate in an interesting race in which you have to run after as many jars of finesse, with chocolate.

You will have to know that the game has 4 different levels, but you will not be able to access them unless you go through them one by one. The first time you will have to choose which character you want to play with, namely the Grizzy bear or the Lemmings rodents. In the game, you will have to drive a supersonic cart, with which you have to add as many jars of chocolate as possible, but in order to complete the races, you will have to avoid the obstacles you have along the route. The most important things to avoid are caravans, caravans, cars, pieces of trees, or other objects.

At the end of the route, you will find out how many points you obtained, in how long you managed to finish the level, and on which you finished in the players' ranking. The moment you hit an obstacle, you will have to know that your opponent will not miss the chance to overtake you, but you will be able to recover quickly and regain your leading place in the standings.

How to play?

use the SPACE to switch the route direction.

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