Grizzy and the Lemmings Cake Fight

Grizzy and the Lemmings Cake Fight

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Grizzy and the Lemmings Cake Fight
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Grizzy and the Lemmings Cake Fight Overview


It's been a while since any new Grizzy and the Lemmings Games online had been added onto our website, but we know that this is currently one of the most popular shows airing on Boomerang and many other channels all over the world, so of course, we would be excited at the chance to share with you new games into it, just like we do right now with Grizzy and the Lemmings Cake Fight!

Throw the cakes at both Grizzy, and the Lemmings!

Grizzy a bear, and the blue pesky lemmings are always fighting one way or another, and the way they are dueling today is through deserts, as they are going to throw cakes at one another, and in order for you to have the most fun out of the game, you will take both sides, throwing cakes first at the lemmings, and then at Grizzy.

The cute but pesky creatures are going to appear in various spots all around the cabin, and when they do, tap on them to throw cakes on them, and not only do you get points in return, but you need to fill up the progress bar before the time bar completely empties out.

If you achieve that, you go to the special round, where Grizzy appears, and you tap repeatedly on him, since he does not move, trying to get as many bonus points as possible.

It has never been more simple to have fun with these characters, so we hope you start doing so right now, as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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