Peppa Pig Easter Egg

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What is Peppa Pig Easter Egg?

Peppa Pig Easter Egg
Peppa wants to celebrate Easter with you this year, dear children. Let's help her paint eggs according to the models she already has so that she can celebrate Easter happily.

First of all, you have to help Peppa find the eggs that are already colored for the first time. They will be your template for when you have to paint purchased eggs. They are hidden in Peppa's room under various objects such as: under paintings, behind the curtain on the window, under the bed, etc. Once you have found them all, you will move on to the next stage of the game.

The next stage of the game is to choose a new one from the ones you found and start drawing its outline by joining the dots on its edge. Later, you will have to start coloring with the brush the drawing you drew on the egg. Be very careful about the colors so that they are identical to those on the chosen egg model. After you have finished painting, put on a little glitter. After applying the glitter, put the egg in a basket and Peppa is ready for Easter.

We warmly invite you to our site to discover other games, and we hope you enjoyed this game with Peppa very much. Have fun.

How to play?

use the mouse

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