Peppa Pig 3 In a Row

07.08.2022 3.374 24 votes

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What is Peppa Pig 3 In a Row?

Peppa Pig 3 In a Row

Peppa Pig 3 In a Row is one of the best bejeweled games with Peppa Pig you will ever find in this lovely Nick Jr Games category that cannot stop getting better, so a fan or not of this show, trying it out right now should be a must for everyone, it's a great time nonetheless!

Match 3 Peppa Pig characters in a row! Can you do it?

Swap two characters next to one another in order to form a row of three or more identical items, they get removed, and you keep doing it until you have no more time left, so try to see how big of a score you can make. Match the clock items to get some extra time and keep going on.

Yes, it is that straightforward, so choose between the easy and hard levels of difficulty, and then start giving the game your best as you do with each and every other of our games, for sure!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.