Peppa's Paintbox

Peppa's Paintbox

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Peppa's Paintbox
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Peppa's Paintbox Overview


Welcome to Peppa's Paintbox, where you can paint, draw, and color with either Peppa or George, that choice between the two characters is yours, and we're positive that you are going to have a ton of fun doing it, since getting creative is always a blast, especially with fan-favorite Nick Jr characters as these ones!

Let's play around with Peppa's Paintbox!

Instead of having pre-determined black and white sheets that you paint or color, you will instead have a blank canvas that you can paint over however you see fit, having on the right plenty of tools to pick from, such as brushes, and paint buckets, stickers, and other accessories.

We recommend experimenting with each tool in the paint box, seeing what they do, then thinking of what you would like to create, and then using those items to bring your imagination to reality, through the virtual piece of paper.

It can really be that easy, and we're sure you will enjoy your time here greatly, as you always do with these characters, so waste it no more, and start the game right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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