Lets Play Solve Who

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What is Lets Play Solve Who?

Lets Play Solve Who

Dear children,
Peppa Pig comes to our site with a new game specially created for you. Let's guess the characters in this game. Surely you've seen them in cartoons, so stop thinking and have fun.

The game is very simple. You will receive a guessing character that will be hidden under a magnifying glass and you will have to guess it by identifying it with its minimal features that will be displayed to you. The game is not one in levels, so it will end when you are bored. You have to be a good connoisseur of cartoons with Peppa Pig.

It is a game suitable for practicing memory and for developing your memory abilities because your memory will be required because you will have to identify the character in the game with only a few minimal visual elements, the character being hidden behind a magnifying glass. If you manage to identify the character you will receive another one to guess it.

As you could see, the game is quite simple and we hope you like it as much as possible and we gladly invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

How to play?

use the mouse

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