Draw The Car Path

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What is Draw The Car Path?

Draw The Car Path

Draw The Car Path is a game now added to our website which is certainly going to change your mind about what you already know about parking games online, since it fits into that category, but it is still a puzzle and drawing game online at the end of the day, one we would highly recommend to each and every one of you, without a doubt!

Draw The Car Path to the parking spot!

In each level, you have one or more cars that need to get to their parking spots, and if there are multiple of them, get each car to the parking spot with the same color. Using the mouse or finger you will draw paths for the cars to take to them, and make them so that you avoid obstacles along the road, or entangling the two paths.

There will also be three stars on the map, and you should try to draw the paths through them so that you collect 3/3 stars in each level if you want the perfect score. Each new map gets more difficult than the previous, but there will also be way more fun for you to have drawing the paths and solving the parking puzzles, which we invite you to begin right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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