Wooden Path 2

Wooden Path 2

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Wooden Path 2
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Wooden Path 2 Overview


Wooden Path 2 is a really amazing new puzzle game with logic elements that our administrative team is delighted to showcase to our many visitors right now, and we invite you to check it out even if you've not played the first game in the series, since we guarantee that you will still enjoy this one plenty!

Play Wooden Path 2 online unblocked!

In each level, your goal is to complete the wooden bridge, which forms a path, from one side of the river to the next one, so that when the two banks of the river are connected, you will have cleared the level.

Use the mouse to move pieces of the bridge around, even using old ones if necessary. The paths need to be complete, remember, so no empty spaces between the wood.

Use teleportation to bring some pieces from one side to another, and make sure to connect the gold blocks with one another to eliminate them and earn some extra points.

There will also be obstacles, so make sure to get them out of your way, and they are usually green blocks. Connect the blocks of the same color with the teleportation rings to dispose of them.

Good luck, great thinking, of course, and we hope you don't stop here for a second, since our team has even more amazing content in store for you, none worth missing out on for anything in the world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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