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What are Hello Neighbor Games?

Hello Neighbor is not only a nice greeting you would say to people living in houses or apartments next to you, but it is also the name of a video game franchise that started in 2017 with the release of the game with the same name, a game developed in Russia which became quite popular despite the negative critic reception of it, as it then continued with a few spin-offs, a prequel series, and announced animated series, and in 2022 we will also see the release of a sequel, Hello Neighbor 2.

Until the sequel drops, you have come to our website to play Hello Neighbor Games online from your browsers or mobile devices, something we definitely appreciate, because you knew that here you would find the best original and fan-made games based around this franchise, whether you test your knowledge of the series, try the alpha version, solve puzzles, or check out a Kogama re-creation of it.

How to play Hello Neighbor Games online:

Nicky Roth is the name of your character, who is really suspicious of his next-door neighbor called Mr. Peterson, which is why you want to get into his basement to uncover his dark secrets and also get out without being caught. This is made difficult by the game’s AI, which takes notice of your past in-game decisions so that traps are laid out for you based on them for each new attempt you make.

You can play in the friendly mode and make the traps not appear that much, but getting caught is still a no-no. If you get seen, you might be chased, and if caught, you are captured, so try throwing things at the neighbor to slow him down. You play with a 1st person perspective, using the mouse and the cursor to interact with items or use them, as well as solve the puzzles.

Through the game, it is revealed that Nicky has been kidnapped by a neighbor in his childhood, and the chapters where he is an adult are mostly happening in his imagination and scary dreams.

Through the prequel game, Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek we find out how Mr. Peterson became a recluse, which is because his wife died in a car crash, and because of grief, his son pushed his daughter off of a roof, so the boy eventually got locked up, for his own safety. The prequel is played from the perspective of the two children, Aaron and Mya, who play hide and seek in various situations.

We get a multiplayer experience through Secret Neighbor, where players assume the role of kids trying to save Nicky from his captor, each having to use their own class skills to do that, but one of them is sort of like an impostor because it’s actually Peterson in disguise, who will try to ruin things for the others. Hello Engineer is a multiplayer open-world game where players team up to build machinery and structures in a scrapyard without getting caught by the old man.

What the sequel brings forward is a new story where you play the role of an investigative journalist who wants to solve the mystery of the missing kid in Raven Brooks (Nicky), and because of this new role, you will be able to explore the whole town and have countless adventures with puzzle-solving and horror in them.

Now that we’ve done our greetings, all that remains to be done is for you to play these games with Hello Neighbor online, and see for yourself why they are as famous as they are in the world of gaming!