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What are Cuphead Games?

Cuphead Games is here to satisfy all you Cuphead-heads out there since we know that there are plenty of you, as this original indie run-and-gun video game that dropped in 2017 was a massive hit in that year, and its popularity only became bigger down the road, which is how in 2022 we get the expansion called The Delicious Last Course, as well as the Netflix animated series based on it called The Cuphead Show!.

Now, of course, as it would be expected, fan-made games for browsers have also appeared in this time, and we are happy to say that we're sharing with you here the best of them since we know that you have a keen interest in checking them out, and we would never disappoint you with our content!

Enter the world of Cuphead: Don't Deal with The Devil!

The game revolves around Cuphead, the title character, who is a cup came to life, but if played in two players, he is joined in his adventures by his brother, Mugman, a mug came to life, of course. They and their world is animated to resemble older animations, especially those made by Walt Disney in his early days, giving the series an old-school charm, a friendly look, while the story can be quite scary and mature at times.

Why? Well, as the alternative title of the game suggests, the two brothers have made a deal with the devil, which is why you help them through the run-and-gun levels and boss fights, having to win and advance to repay their debt. After the four worlds are finished, their bosses defeated, you finally fight off against the Devil himself, the final antagonist.

Use various weapons and power-ups, some found, some given, some bought from the shop so that you defeat these bosses and their minions, with the fights and levels being able to be different from one to another. These bosses are debtors to the devil, and you defeat them in order to pay back their debt, while in the process doing the same for the two brothers who lost against evil incarnate at the casino.

Of course, these elements and many more are plucked-out and recreated in this world, where you will also be able to have fun, sometimes even undergoing the same fights without doing any of the runnings before it, but about that, more later on!

Learn how to play Cuphead Games online unblocked!

Of course, each game has its own rules and gameplay mechanics that are explained in their descriptions, but let's give you an overall look at this page, so you can see what kinds of fun awaits you.

Cagney Carnation, Wally Warbles, the Crazy Cat, the Root Pack, and other kinds of wacky characters from the main game can now be fought off against individually, and we definitely recommend trying those games first.

You should then check-out fan-made ones where you do things like paint, play mahjong, match cards, have rhythm battles, and have tons of interesting adventures since this page is more diverse than you would expect at first.

Reading about this world is not enough, as you need to play it to believe it, so start that right now, with any of the entries here, and make sure to stick around for more fun to come, maybe browse more of our friv categories!