Clip Joint Calamity

Clip Joint Calamity

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Clip Joint Calamity
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Clip Joint Calamity Overview


Clip Joint Calamity is a brand new Cuphead game online for browsers that we highly recommend and we hope that everyone here will play, both fans of the franchise and non-fans alike, since the game stands by itself as a really fun one nonetheless!

Help Cuphead survive the Clip Joint Calamity!

Two frog brothers are also boxers, and they will shoot their fists of energy towards Cuphead, aiming to hit him, so, first of all, make sure to avoid getting hit by their magical punches too many times, because that happening means you lose and have to start again all over from scratch.

Use the arrow keys to move and do that, but when you are near the two frogs, press the Z key to attack them, having to eradicate them to win. Good luck, we wish you all the best, and definitely invite you to stick around for more fun to come, you are in for tons of it, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, Z.

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