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What are Bendy Games?

Our website just keeps on diversifying its already big range of categories, as our administrative team right now is very excited to have added for everyone the category known as Bendy Games, a category based around the franchise that started around the Bendy and the Ink Machine video game, an indie video game which became really popular all at once a few years back, and who now has multiple online games inspired by it, games you no longer need to search hard for since they are one click away on our website!

Learn more about the Bendy series, right now!

Bendy and the Ink Machine is the game that started this series, with it having launched in 2017 as an episodic FP survival horror game, first released on GameJolt, and then on consoles as well, making it even more popular. The game has a vintage look and feels that has been received very well by fans and critics alike, and it has interesting and unique gameplay, as well as a cool story.

The setting is the fictional animation studio known as Joey Drew Studios, where Henry is a retired animator receiving a letter to come back to his old workplace, which is where all sorts of strange happenings start to arise. What causes them? Well, the Ink Machine!

As you go around in this strange new world you find yourself in, you have to complete various tasks, have to solve puzzles and problems, and sometimes even need to use weapons to perform combat and win against various enemies.

Boris and the Dark Survival is a prequel that appeared in 2020, and it features a wolf named Boris as he ventures through the studios you already are familiar with, while Bendy in Nightmare Run is a mobile spin-off within the endless runner game style, where you face off against four different boss cartoon characters.

There have been animated shorts created based on the game, books, there are talks about a television series, and we can’t wait for the already-announced new game in the franchise, which will also certainly find its way here soon after the release: Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Come see what our Bendy Games online to play are, you won’t regret it!

Some classic formats of games will definitely be available here, as they are found in most other categories, so you can paint Bendy and his friends if you want, there is a skill game in the format of flappy bird games with it, a mahjong game for all board games lovers, an even bubble shooter games, which never fail to provide us with tons of fun.

We can guarantee that this is just the beginning, and more awesome games with Bendy online are going to follow on our website, and you can bet that the first place you can find them and play them will be our website, which is why we hope to see you here as often as possible!