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Scary Neighbor 3D

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Scary Neighbor 3D
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Scary Neighbor 3D Overview


The Scary Neighbor is back, this time in 3D! Play a new horror-adventure game in first-person! It's got point-and-click gameplay, but it is also a first-person experience at the same time! You need to be stealthy, tricky, and smart! Otherwise, the bad neighbor catches you! You don't want to get caught, do you?

Don't get caught by Scary Neighbor 3D!

Scary Uncle has a reputation: that he kidnaps people, especially kids. Let's get revenge on him. You can be a boy, Nick, or a girl, Tanya. In this role, you are his neighbor, and you need to pull pranks, solve puzzles, and disrupt his day! Wreck his car, get him stung by bees, or be attacked by a gorilla!

Through the game, you try to reveal his secrets. Make his evil deeds known to the world, but also find out more about him. The more you learn, the scary he gets. But, be brave children!

Explore and solve puzzles!

Walk around his house, and if you can, enter it. Visit his bedroom, kitchen, garage, even basement. It's dark, but it has many secrets. If you find any useful items, like flashlights, hammers, or keys, make sure to take them. Grow your inventory and use it to escape!

You can also use the tools to solve puzzles. Through the riddles and puzzles, you get new items and learn more clues. Be smart with your undercover mission!

Stealth, the key of horror games!

As you go behind the neighbor's back and pull pranks, don't get caught. If you get seen, he might catch you! Find hiding places, or just move fast around the house. Use the pranks to scare and pester your neighbor, but without him knowing it was you!

First mission? Get your puppy back!

Walk around with the WASD keys, and look around with the mouse. When you want to pick up items, press E, and when you want to drop them, press F. The neighbor caught your puppy and does not want to give it back. He has even more pets he is holding captive.

Put a boxing glove with a spring inside of a gift box. Take it to the mailbox. Leave it there, and go far from the neighbor. When he comes and opens it up, he gets hit by it, knocking him out. That's the first level. The second one, slowly but surely infiltrates his house!

Move like a rat!

Reach the room where he's holding your pet, and free it and all the others! Then, as he's sleeping, you should infiltrate the house and infest it with rats. To do so, take the cheese from the kitchen, and put it in his bed. This gets the rats to the bed to eat it and bite into the villain too. It's a scary prank, for a scary neighbor! He deserves it!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys to move, E to pick up items, F to drop them, and the mouse for interaction and looking around.

Tips & Tricks

  • Watch cameras to keep an eye on the neighbor. Use it to remain hidden and not get caught.
  • You get pointers at the bottom of the screen, follow them!

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