Huggy Rescue Parkour

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What is Huggy Rescue Parkour?

Huggy Rescue Parkour

Huggy Rescue Parkour is one of the most exciting new platform-adventure games added to our website, having both escape and parkour elements into it, as the title suggests, and the fact that it features the most beloved Poppy Playtime Games characters, that only makes it even better, don't you agree?

Help Huggy Rescue Missy with Parkour!

To clear each level you need to find the key that will release Kissy Missy from her cage, and along the way avoid the traps and enemies you encounter, pits and obstacles too, and if you want to kill enemies instead, you can jump on top of their head to do so.

Use WASD to walk around, the mouse to look around, space to jump, and press it twice to double jump. Each new level is more difficult than the one before, but more fun at the same time, so the best we wish you all, as always, and we hope to see you keep playing our great games, it would be a shame not to stick around!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar.

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