Huggy Love and Rescue

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What is Huggy Love and Rescue?

Huggy Love and Rescue

Huggy Love and Rescue is our latest offering to the highly-popular Poppy Playtime Games category, and it does not feature only the blue scary toy, but also the pink one, Kissy Missy, who is his love interest, whom you are going to save, as the title suggests, all in plenty of amazing levels of running and jumping!

Help Huggy Rescue the Love of his life!

Use WASD or the ARROWS to move and jump with Huggy, having to get past obstacles, traps, and other characters to reach Kissy Missy, who, in each level, is being held by a chain, and if you don't rescue her by reaching her before the threshold bar runs out, you lose.

But, if you safely reach her in time, you clear the level, of course. Each new level features a more difficult layout of the dungeon you are in, so you need to focus harder to achieve your goal, obviously. We wish you all the best, and invite you to stick around for much more fun to come, as always!

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